Red Yeast Rice Extract

Scientific research has bolstered Red Yeast Rice Extract's ability in supporting a healthy cholesterol level.

For some people the effect of taking Red Yeast Rice Extract may translate into a significantly reduced risk of a heart attack.Hearing the word “yeast,” what comes to mind? Bread, beer, petri dishes in science class? Few food stuffs can be put to as many uses as the wide varieties of yeast.

Now yeast can add another duty to its long, distinguished careers: to better heart health via cholesterol control. Scientifific research has resoundlingly bolstered the efficacy of red yeast rice extract in supporting a healthy cholesterol level.

Yeast Matters
Eons ago bakers discovered that certain types of yeast, one-celled fungi, can cause bread to rise and make it tastily chewy. Vats more, beverage makers happily uncovered ways to encourage yeast to ferment “wort,” transforming it into alcolhol-laced beer.

Known clinically as Monascus pupureus, red yeast has been propagated as long ago as the year 800 by Chinese herbalists who prescribed it to treat indigestion, diarrhea and abdominal pain. The Chinese restaurant link: If you’ve ever indulged in scrumptious Peking (Beijing) Duck, you should have noted the attractively deep red hue of the bird’s outer skin. Red yeast imparts this appetizing color.

Dr Weil and Dr Oz on Red Yeast Rice Extract A Redder Shade of Red
To produce the distinctive scarlet shade of red yeast, these yeast cells grow on the surfaces of regular, refined white rice grains, where they take root and thrive until the rice attains the characteristic deep red shade. Then, fungal cells are killed so the rice can be pulverized into a uniform powder.

From this stage of development, the powder can be used as a food or beverage additive, or it can be employed in the production of red yeast rice extract.

Certified Cholesterol-Buster
Until recently, Western societies have limited their use of red yeast to the fine art of winmaking. But owing to new breakthroughs in the laboratory, biochemists have recently discovered red yeast’s heart benefits.

About a dozen naturally occurring compounds in red yeast are chemically related to statins, the widely prescribed pharmacuticals renowned for their cholesterol-reducing powers.

“Red yeast rice has HMG-CoA (menvinolin) reductase inhibitors,” points out Maureen Keane, MS, CN, author of The Red Yeast Rice Cholesterol Solutions (Adams Media).

Making Cholesterol
In an interview last year with WebMD (on the Health Channel of the Microsoft Network) Keane described how these inhibitors effectively block the enzyme responsible for making cholesterol in the body. When this synthesis is stymied, the body simply produces less LDL (bad) cholesterol, measurably reducing its presence in the blood.

In addition, red yeast raises HDL, (good) cholesterol to more desired levels. Increases in HDL levels boost cardiovasculr health since HDL cholesterol helps eliminate LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream. The less LDL that’s present, the less chance you have of developing the blockages that cause heart disease. on the other hand, when LDL increases, your chances of heart attack can also increase. Oxidized LDL is believed to build up as plaque on vessel walls, clogging arteries and cutting off the blood supply to various parts of the body.

Red Yeast Research
Hard data backs up these cholesterol claims, showing very substantial reductions in blood cholesterol. For many people, this translates directly into significantly reduced risk of heart attack.

A rigorous trial at the UCLA School of Medicine showed that red yeast rice extract reduced cholesterol levels by an average of 40 points over 12 weeks when combined with a low-fat diet. More than 80 men and women took part in this double-blind and placebo-controlled study.

A similar study in China showed even greater reductions of blood cholesterol: an average of nearly 26% among people taking the supplement for about two months (American Heart Association’s 39th Annual Conference on Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention).

Both studies also concluded that triglycerides (another key bloodstream fat that can endanger cardiovascular wellness) are measurably reduced due to the impact of continuing red yeast rice extract supplementation.


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