Auroshika Incense Frankincense
Auroshika Incense Frankincense

Auroshika Incense Frankincense Box - 10 g

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Frankincense resin was one of most highly prized materials in the world. Both eastern and western religious and spiritual traditionas still burn this incense during offerings and meditation.
Auroshikha combines pure sandal powder with resins of gum benzoin, frankincense, and resinoid olibanum in this incense.
This fragrance brings about a clear mind and helps in all kinds of inward concentration.
The Auroshikha Difference
-natural fragrances based upon herbs, flowers and essential oils
-no glue used in incense paste: guaranteed non-toxic, no excess smoke
-pastes made from sandal, other fragrant woods, barks and charcoal
-traditional preparation: hand rolled, never mass produced

Unit Amount 10
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