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Back to School Time Health and More!

Back to School Time Health and More!

Free seminar on Saturday, September 23rd, Noon at the Novi Better Health Market

It’s that time of year again: Back to School Time! It’s a fun time of year for the kids and a chance for parents to pause and take a breath again. Ahhh!

But what about those fall sniffles, colds and immune system meltdowns? What about packing school lunches and the healthiest food options for our kiddos? What about vaccinations, attention issues, hyperactivity, sleeping disturbances, etc.? This list goes on and on…

Come join me for this FREE hour long class discussing the HOW TO’s of “Fool Proofing” BACK TO SCHOOL. This isn’t just for your kids. We, parents, face all these issues, too!


Corey MuzikCorey Muzik is a Natural Health Practitioner at Thrive On Life, in Brighton, who utilizes Morphogenic Field Technique and various other forms of energetic testing. She also specializes in nutrition, iridology, herbology, essential oils, and homeopathy. Corey started her professional journey at Clayton College, where she graduated in Holistic Nu¬trition. She later went on to become certified as a Natural Health Practitioenr. Currently, Corey is attending The Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education in Mount Pleasant, MI, where she is studying to become a Na¬turopathic Doctor. Corey was disillusioned by Western Allopathic Medicine when she returned back from a trip to Africa critically ill from a parasite infection and couldn’t find answers in standard diagnostic tests. According to blood work, MRIs, ultrasounds, and other tests, she was perfectly fine, yet her teeth were loose, she had paraly¬sis on the left side of her body, nerve pain, involuntary muscle spasms, insomnia, and debilitating migraines. She finally “switched gears” and turned to natural methods of treatment and fully recovered. Corey was grateful for having had this experience because she found her life’s mission: to help others overcome situations such as hers with natural modes of therapy…and to demonstrate her faith that a Higher Power has given us everything we could ever need for complete healing within ourselves and growing outside our own backdoor…

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  • Saturday, September 23rd at Noon - Novi Better Health Market

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