Host Defense Mycommunity
Host Defense Mycommunity

Host Defense Mycommunity -- 120 Vcaps

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The Source

Each mushroom species collected by Paul Stamets from the old growth forests of the Pacific Northwest is sustainably harvested. The ecosystem remains intact and unharmed. We carefully culture the mycelium for the Host Defense products on the Fungi Perfecti Farm in a way that maintains the lowest P Value™ possible. This creates identical genetic matches to the mycelium found in their native habitats, ensuring the provenance and genetic vitality of each strain. Our chain-of-custody guarantees the efficacy and viability of the species in the Host Defense line: from the Forest, to our Farm, to You.

MyCommunity is a synergistic blend of 17 mushroom species. Recently renamed, MyCommunity is the 17 species Host Defense formula originally created by Paul Stamets - the most comprehensive formula for Supporting Natural Immunity produced by Fungi Perfecti.

Paul Stamets believes in the power of Mycelium, the network of thread-like cells that produces mushrooms. Paul wants every person to share in the benefits from the Host Defense® line of products. Mentored by the greatest mycologists of our time, he integrates and expands upon the knowledge of our ancestors.

A portion of the proceeds from your purchase goes to Fungi Perfecti's research to save rare strains of mushrooms that dwell within the old growth forests.

Host Defense® MyCommunity™ contains activated, freeze-dried, Certified Organic mycelium and fruitbodies, providing a complex array of synergistic constituents: a full spectrum of polysaccharides (beta glucans, arabinoxylanes, glucose, zylose, galactose and cordycepic acid), glycoproteins, ergosterols, triterpenoids and other myco-nutrients, which are essential for Supporting Natural Immunity.

Unit Count 120
Item Form Vcaps
Directions As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules once per day. Can be taken with food or without, on an empty stomach or as recommended by your healthcare advisor.

Nutritional Facts

Host Defense
Mycommunity     3342203813

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 2 capsules     Servings Per Container: 60

Per Serving
% Daily Value

   Proprietary Blend  1050 mg

   Maitake (Grifola frondosa) mycelium**  

   Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) mycelium**  

   Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum var. resinaceum) mycelium**  

   Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis) mycelium**  

   Blazei (Agaricus blazei/brasiliensis) mycelium**  

   Enokitake (Flammulina velutipes) mycelium**  

   Mesima (Phellinus linteus) mycelium**  

   Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) mycelium**  

   Zhu Ling (Polyporus umbrellatus) mycelium**  

   Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) mycelium**  

   Maitake (Grifola frondosa) fruitbodies**  

   Artist Conk (Ganoderma applanatum) mycelium**  

   Oregon Reishi (Ganoderma oregonense) mycelium**  

   Agarikon (Fomitopsis officinalis) mycelium**  

   Amadou (Fomes fomentarius) mycelium**  

   Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) mycelium**  

   Birch Polypore (Piptoporus betulinus) mycelium**  

   Split Gill Polypore (Schizophyllum commune) mycelium**  

*U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance not established for adults.

Unit Count


Other Ingredients

Freeze-dried myceliated brown rice**


Consult your healthcare advisor regarding the use of this product during pregnancy. Keep out reach of children