Natracare Natural Panty Liners Breathable
Natracare Natural Panty Liners Breathable

Natracare Natural Panty Liners Breathable -- 1 Box - 30 breathable liners

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Natracare feminine hygiene products were created in 1989 by Susie Hewson out of concern for the damaging effects of dioxin prollution on women's health and the environment and today, the natracare panty liners, menstrul pads and certified organic 100% cotton tampons and feminine wipes are available worldwide, offering women a quality, natural choice. Why Natural Liners? For everyday freshness, during your period, or when travelling, it makes sense to choose a panty liner that is made from natural materials. Many gynaecologists have advised women with sensitive skin to use Natracare products to reduce their contact witih chlorine bleached materials, and products containing synthetics and superabsorbants made from petrochemicals. for over 15 years, Natracare has been trusted by women seeking a high quality, chemical free choice in tampons, pads, panty liners and feminine wipes. By choosing natracare extra soft liners, you can say no to chlorine, synthetics, rayon and petrochemical plastics and superabsorbents, without giving up quality or comfort.

Unit Count 1
Unit Amount 30 breathable liners
Item Form Box
Directions Peel back the paper strip and fix liner to the panty. Disposal: We advise you to wrap the liner in paper and put into a waste bin. Natracare liners are over 95% biodegradeable and are compostable under the correct conditions.

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