New Wave Enviro Barrier Water Filter Pitcher
New Wave Enviro Barrier Water Filter Pitcher

New Wave Enviro Barrier Water Filter Pitcher -- 1 Box

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Why do we need clean water?
Water is the main source of life and it is recommended that a person should drink at least 32 oz. of water every day to stay in good health. You should be sure that the water you drink is the purest possible. Water that is cleaned by municipal systems and that come from personal wells contain many contaminants that are dissolved in the water and are transparent. Imurities such as chlorine, chloroform, lead, copper, mercury, nutrates, pesticides, petroleum and others are commonly found in drinking water. All these contaminants may be harmful to your health if not removed. Drinking untreated water from the tap over and extended period of time increases the risk of health issues such as cancer, immune system deficiencies, mental health development, kidney damage and neurological problems. Barrier water filter systems purify the water from many contaminants, and as a result, reduces your exposure to many potentially harmful contaminants.

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