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Doctors Joseph Artiss and Catherine Jen

Anti-Diet Supplement Alpha-Fibe FBCx Gaining Lots of Attention

Researchers from Wayne State University have developed a dietary supplement that promotes health and weight loss without undesirable side effects

Watch video report from WXYZ-TV.

An all-natural dietary supplement developed by two Wayne State University professors is now available for those who want to lose weight but still love to eat. Clinical trials and other controlled studies have demonstrated that the product, marketed as Alpha-Fibe FBCx (Fat-Binding Complexer), effectively aids weight loss and weight management without the necessity for a special "diet."

Developed by professors Joseph Artiss of the pathology department in the Wayne State School of Medicine and K-L Catherine Jen, who chairs the university’s nutrition and food science department, Alpha-Fibe FBCx offers the additional benefits of lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglyceride levels as well as providing relief from some gastrointestinal symptoms. Artiss and Jen obtained preliminary evidence that their product may also help users delay the onset of diabetes.

“We are not saying that Alpha-Fibe FBCx is a silver bullet that works like magic, and it is not a license for overindulging” Artiss says. “It is a different and proven approach that fosters weight loss without significant lifestyle changes. Reducing food intake even slightly, along with exercise, will accelerate the beneficial results.”

effectively aids weight loss and weight management without the necessity for a special Alpha-Fibe FBCx, made from a soluble fiber (alpha-dextrin) derived from corn, works by binding dietary fat in the stomach, thereby preventing absorption into the bloodstream. It has the unusual ability of binding nine times its own weight in dietary fat. The user merely takes one or two tablets within an hour before or after consuming a full meal.

Since it acts on fat, the product works most effectively for overweight people not on low-fat diets. The Food and Drug Administration allows its sale in the USA and international markets. A recent study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) confirms the benefits of FBCx through extensive research that shows reduced levels of both saturated fats and trans fats, along with increased omega-3 (good) fat levels in the bloodstream.

Jen, who has studied dietary causes of obesity over the past three decades, points out that about two-thirds of Americans can be described as either overweight or obese. She also notes that weight gain remains a serious concern in many other countries.

“We all know that dieting and exercise are the commonly recommended ways to lose weight,” she concedes. “But we also know that most people, for whatever reason, do not stay with that routine long enough to make a lifetime difference. Now they have a healthful, more convenient alternative that will help them accomplish their objective.”

Artiss, who served as a clinical chemist at hospitals in the United States and Canada, continues to do research as a clinical chemist while also teaching pathology at Wayne State. Jen, who also teaches at WSU, has conducted extensive research on both obesity and diabetes. She initiated a major conference at WSU earlier this year on the dangers of trans-fat in foods.

Alpha-Fibe FBCx is available through ALPHA-FIBE FBCx

Watch video report from WXYZ-TV.

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