Looking past the irritating ring tones.
A cell phone is, in essence, a radio. It sends or receives signals on wave to a base station (a cell tower).
The carrier signal generates an electromagnetic radiation field. This Electromagnetic Field (EMF) can wreak havoc on the human metabolism and physiology.
The dangerous EMF is generated within five or six inches of a cell phone's antenna. It is the information-carrying wave, the one that is necessary to interpret voice or data, that oscillates at a hertz (Hz) range that our body responds to.
Our system recognizes that wave as an "invader" and responds by setting in place protective biochemical reactions.
Cellular energy is now used for protection instead of metabolism. The cell membranes become hard, keeping nutrients out and waste products in.
This waste accumulates inside the cells. This creates a higher concentration of free radicals and leads to disruption of DNA repair and cellular dysfunction.
Cell death occurs which releases micro nuclei from the disrupted DNA repair into the fluid between the cells where they are free to replicate and proliferate. Many believe this is the mechanism that contributes to cancer.
Damage occurs on the cell membrane that causes a disruption of communication between the cells themselves. When cells can't communicate, it causes impaired tissue, organ and organism function. In the case of the brain, cells won't have the ability to keep dangerous chemicals from reaching the brain tissue. Damage occurs.
So besides going back to using smoke signals or beating on drums, what can you do? The first and best thing is to use a headset. Keep that cell phone antenna as far away from your brain as possible.
So far there have been around eight studies that have pointed to possible protective effects of melatonin and vitamins C and Vitamin E in combatting the damage caused by cell phone emissions. In one group of studies scientists exposed one group of animals to radiation and another group of animals to radiation along with melatonin, vitamin C and Vitamin E. Then they examined skin sections for radiation injury and analyzed blood and urine for oxidative stress. Significant kidney damage, skin changes, oxidative stress and fibrosis was discovered in the first group. Remarkably, these effects were reversed in the second groups that received the melatonin, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. More research is needed.
Finally, one of the best things to do is to limit your calls. The convenience and usefulness of being connected is undeniable... but how much of your cell phone usage is simply chatter. Keep the chit-chat for land phones or face-to-face and the cell phone for vital messages.
Beating on drums would provide wonderful exercise, however.