Eden Foods Sushi Nori
Eden Foods Sushi Nori

Eden Foods Sushi Nori -- 7 Sheets - .6 Oz

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Eden Sushi Nori is the finest grade Nori available, already toasted. Ready to use in making sushi and rice balls or slice thin and use as a garnish for soup, salad, grain and pasta dishes. The sweetest of all sea vegetables and the one that is most easily apprieciated by the Western palate. Eden Sushi Nori has a complex, delicate aroma and flavor not found in lesser grades of Nori. Eden Nori is cultivated off the western shore of Ise (ee-say) Bay in Japan, an area surrounded by forests and mountains known as 'Ocean by Mountains'. Rivers of pure mountain spring water nourish the bay creating a mineral rich, pristine growing environment. The area leads all of Japan in ecology movements. Industrial development is forbidden in the area to insure future generations the legacy of this famous edible sea vegetable producing resource. Our maker has a whole department devoted to ecology issues. After harvesting, the Nori is washed, chopped, pressed, and dried into lustrious, rich purple-black thin sheets, which are then toasted. Tosting turns the nori a bright green and imparts a sweeter flavor.

Unit Count 7
Unit Amount .6
Unit Measure Oz
Item Form Sheets
Gluten Free Yes
Low Salt Yes
Directions Bring water to a boil. Puree the miso with 2 teaspoons cold water. Reduce the flame to low and ad the puree miso. Tear the nori into small pieces with your fingers and place in the soup. Simmer 1 minute. Add the green onions and serve.

Nutritional Facts

Eden Foods
Sushi Nori     2418215769

Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size: 1 sheet     Servings Per Container: 7

Per Serving
% Daily Value

   Calories  5

   Calories from Fat  0

   Total Fat  0 g

   Saturated Fat  0 g

   Trans Fat  0 g

   Cholesterol  0 mg

   Sodium  5 mg

   Potassium  90 mg

   Total Carbohydrate  0 g

   Dietary Fiber  1 g

   Sugars  0 g

   Protein  1 g

   Vitamin A  

   Vitamin C  



   Riboflavin (B2)  



*U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance not established for adults.

Unit Count


Other Ingredients

Nori (Porphyra tenera)