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Ozone Therapy’s Miracles

Ozone Therapy’s Miracles

A Free Seminar on Saturday, March 24th, 3:00 pm at the Lansing Better Health Market.


Dr. Scott Benjamin will present the many positive effects of ozone therapy on the body with clinical theory and case studies presented.  You will learn how ozone permeates the body, how ozone saunas and other machines can be used to administer ozone and how ozone works to prevent disease, improve health and attack viruses, fungus and parasites.  After the seminar, visit with the doctor to see how this exciting modality can help you!


Dr. Scott BenjaminDr. Benjamin received his undergraduate training from the Michigan Technological University and his physical therapy training from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Since finishing his graduate work at the University of Maryland and his manual therapy certification from IMPACT with Jim Meadows, he has co-authored the Cram Session in Functional Anatomy; a Handbook for Students and Clinicians, authored papers on TDA, lateral epicondylitis, modalities, prolotherapy, isokinetic testing and aquatic therapy. Dr. Benjamin is the inventor of the Multifidus Muscle Integrator (MMI) and has taught continuing education courses nationally and internationally with his areas of interests being in biomechanics of the spine, sacroiliac joint, manual therapy and rehabilitation. He has been practicing since 1989.

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  • Saturday, March 24th, 3:00 pm at the Lansing Better Health Market

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