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Young at Heart by Design

Young at Heart by Design

Free Seminar on Saturday, February 17th, Noon at the BloomfieldBetter Health Market.

In this seminar you will learn:
• The best tests to know if you have heart disease
• The best foods to eat for your heart
• The best lifestyle tips for your heart
• The best supplements for your heart

Dr. Joel KahnDr. Joel Kahn, a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School, local cardiologist, and the first graduate of the University of South Florida certification in metabolic cardiology, explains these issues and much more in his new book. The Holistic Heart Book, published by Readers’s Digest. He covers the scientific basis to prevent and reverse a host of cardiovascular diseases using food, movement, stress management, breath work, energy healing, detoxification, and supplements to achieve optimal heart health.  While firmly grounded in the best of Western medicine, Dr. Kahn’s book draws on science from both the East and the West to show how most cases of heart disease simply do not need to happen. Furthermore, he discusses strategies for reversing existing heart diseases.








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  • Saturday, February 17, Noon at the Bloomfield Hills Better Health Market

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