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Cooking with Quinoa

Cooking with Quinoa

Free Cooking Class on Saturday, May 5th, Noon at the Novi Better Health Market


Quinoa is high in iron, calcium, fiber, B vitamins and is also a complete protein, but how can you cook it and make delicious dishes to incorporate in your plant base, whole foods, lifestyle? Let Chef Val teach you how to cook this whole grain, and create a flavorful, vegetable quinoa salad.
Recipe is VEGAN, and GLUTEN FREE.



MacroValValerie Wilson, AKA Macro Val, has been in the food industry for 24 years. For the last 19 years she has taught vegan, macrobiotic cooking classes throughout the state of Michigan. Her classes specialize in the ancient knowledge of the energy of the food and how it effects your health, similar to Chinese medicine. Eating this way can greatly improve your health and quality of life. She recently came out with her second cookbook, Healthy and Delicious Cooking Spring Season, and is the host of Healthy Cooking with Macro Val. Her website is www.macroval.com. 

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  • Saturday, May 5th at Noon - Novi Better Health Market

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