Lily Of The Desert Aloe Vera Juice Inner Fillet
Lily Of The Desert Aloe Vera Juice Inner Fillet

Lily Of The Desert Aloe Vera Juice Inner Fillet Bottle - 128 Oz

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All plants are grown free of chemicals and fertilizers. These strict standards are certified, monitored and audited by the Texas Department of Agriculture. All aloe leaves are harvested and refrigerated within four hours to insure that there is no oxidation or decomposition of the naturally occurring active ingredients. Each plant is nourished and developed to produce healthy 1 to 2 lb leaves containing a maximum level of total solids (aloe's naturally occurring active ingredients).

Lily of the Desert's Certified Organic Whole Leaf Aloe Vera, is formulated with the greatest advantages of the entire leaf and maximizes the effects of the plant's most beneficial features. Organic and pleasant tasting juices with natural fruit flavoring, Aloe Vera Juice provide beneficial nutrients to maintain good health. Lily of the Desert brand products contain the maximum level of naturally occurring aloepoly-saccharides, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, assuring that our customers receive the purest, freshest aloe, while also retaining the maximum efficacy.

Contains 99.5% Certified Organic Aloe

Aloe purity and content certified by IASC (International Aloe Science Council)

Contains no Aloin or Aloe Emodin

Exceeds All IASC Standards, Purely Refreshing Lily of the Desert uses a state-of -the -Art processing method to effectively remove aloin and aloe emodin, the bitter constituents in aloe, to provide purely refreshing, pleasing aloe vera products.

Unit Amount 128
Unit Measure Oz
Item Form Bottle
Directions Directions for Use: Drink 2 ounces per serving as a refreshing, soothing, nutritious gel drink as needed. Our organic gel is equally satisfying over ice or mixed with a favorite juice. Apply topically for sunburn, minor cuts, insect bites, skin irritation

Nutritional Facts

Lily Of The Desert
Aloe Vera Juice Inner Fillet     2639500128

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 2 Fl. oz     Servings Per Container: 64

Per Serving
% Daily Value

   Calories  4

   Sodium  25mg

   Total Carbohydrates  1g

   Calcium  25mg

   Magnesium  4mg

   Organic Aloe Vera Fillet Juice  58ml

   Organic Polysaccharide Rich Aloesorb™  60mg

*U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance not established for adults.

Other Ingredients

Citric Acid (pH Stablizer), Potassium Sorbate (mold inhibitor)