Nutiva Coconut Oil Organic Extra Virgin
Nutiva Coconut Oil Organic Extra Virgin

Nutiva Coconut Oil Organic Extra Virgin Jar - 29 Oz

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Coconut oil - 29 oz clear PET bottle.

How coconut oil is processed is the key to optimizing its taste, texture, color, and aroma. Within two hours of Nutiva's coconuts being chopped, the oil is cold-pressed at below 104 degree's. Contrast this to 99 percent of the coconut oil used today in cooking and body care: first the coconut is chopped and left to dry in the sun for days, then the meat is scooped out and sent thousands of miles to giant oil mills where the oxidizing coco meat is refined, bleached, and or deodorized-and, ironicly this product is often labeled as "certified organic".

There is no comparison between Nutiva's raw, extra-virgin Organic Coconut Oil, with its light taste, pleasant aroma, and pure white color, and industrialized coconut oil, with its bland taste, faint aroma, and off-white color. Please note any tiny brown spec or two at the bottom of Nutiva's Coconut Oil is indigenous to extra-virgin coconut oil and is from the coconut fiber.

Since the 1960s, coconut oil has been mistakenly described as unhealthy. The media reported on studies finding that tropical coconut oils were laden with artery-clogging fats. What went unreported was the fact that the coconut oil used in the studies was hydrogenated-not the virgin oil used for centuries as a staple food.

Unit Amount 29
Unit Measure Oz
Item Form Jar
Gluten Free Yes
Vegan Yes

Nutritional Facts

Coconut Oil Organic Extra Virgin     9275220002

Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Tbsp     Servings Per Container: 59

Per Serving
% Daily Value

   Calories  120

     Calories from Fat  120

   Total Fat  14 g

     Saturated Fat  12.5 g

     Polyunsaturated Fat  .5 g

     Monunsaturated Fat  1 g

     Trans Fat  

   Cholesterol  0 mg

   Sodium  0 mg

   Total Carbohydrate  0 mg

   Protein  0 g

*U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance not established for adults.

Other Ingredients

Organic unrefined cold-pressed extra-virgin coconut oil.